Selected research projects

Verification of the neural noise hypothesis of dyslexia
Project Leader: Katarzyna Jednoróg, Ph.D., Dsc Habil
Grant OPUS (2019/35/B/HS6/01763, Nencki Institute)

Neural and cognitive basis of spelling impairment
Project Leader: Agnieszka Debska Ph.D.
Grant SONATA (2019/35/D/HS6/01677, Nencki Institute)

Braille reading lateralization and its relation to structural connectivity
Project leader: Gabriela Dzięgiel-Fivet, MSc
Grant PRELUDIUM 18 (2019/35/N/HS6/01670, Nencki Institute)

Prioritized self-referential processing: effects of familiarity and emotional relevance
Project Leader: Anna Nowicka, Prof.
Grant OPUS (2018/31/B/HS6/00461, Nencki Institute)

The development of letter and speech sound integration in children
Project Leader: Joanna Plewko, MA
Grant PRELUDIUM (2018/31/N/HS6/01109, Nencki Institute)

Organization of neuronal language circuit in late talkers with and without developmental dyslexia
Project Leader: Agnieszka Kacprzak, MA
Grant PRELUDIUM (2017/27/N/HS6/02666, Nencki Institute)

Literacy acquisition and reading difficulties in braille - differences and similarities to print
Project Leader: Katarzyna Jednoróg, Ph.D., Dsc Habil
Grant SONATA BIS (2016/22/E/HS6/00119, Nencki Institute)

The role of visual crowding in developmental dyslexia
Project Leader: Magdalena Łuniewska-Etenkowska, Ph.D.
Grant PRELUDIUM (2016/21/N/HS6/02452, Nencki Institute)

Searching for mechanisms of dyslexia: a multidimensional study of cognitive deficits and their neural underpinnings
Project Leader: Anna Grabowska, Prof.
Grant MAESTRO (2014/14/A/HS6/00294, Nencki Institute)