Agnieszka Kacprzak, MA
Research assistant

About me:

2015-now: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology (PhD studies in collaboration with Nencki Institute, Laboratory of Language Neurobiology)
2009-2014: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology
- MA, psychology (2014)
2007-2010: Military University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- B.Eng., logistics (2010)

Honors & awards
- Scholarships for the best PhD students of the University of Warsaw, 2016, 2018-2019


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Research interests:

Typical and atypical speech development, neural correlates of language processing, developmental dyslexia, bilingualism.

Selected publications:

Kossowski, B., Chyl, K., Kacprzak, A., Bogorodzki, P., & Jednoróg, K. (2019). Dyslexia and age related effects in the neurometabolites concentration in the visual and temporo-parietal cortex. Scientific reports, 9(1), 5096.

Mieszkowska, K., Łuniewska, M., Kołak, J., Kacprzak, A., Wodniecka, Z., & Haman, E. (2017). Home Language Will Not Take Care of Itself: Vocabulary Knowledge in Trilingual Children in the United Kingdom. Frontiers in Psychology, 8.